Monday, March 4, 2013

New York Daily News article "Etsy Does It"

What an exciting day! Etsy and the New York Daily News featured three artists from NYC in the paper today. I'm flattered to be a part of their article about how Etsy is reimagining commerce and their impact on the local economy.

I know Etsy has given me an amazing platform to reach buyers all over the country and internationally, as well as a great place for me to buy heirloom quality handmade goods.

Here's a scan of the full article (because it's not online):

I'm really humbled and thankful to all of you. I love my job because of the wonderful customers I get to work with every day. Have a great week!


Bob J24-7 said...

Saw this in the paper and said WOW! Awesome... Happy for ya ...!

Michele said...

Way to go Stephanie!!!, Happy for you!!!

TheSilverBear said...

Absolutely brilliant! Good on you!!!

Lori Taggart said...

Congrats Stephanie!

Kim said...

Congratulations! That's so amazing.