Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall 2009 Stylewatch... studs

I've been watching this trend grow over the past 2 years. Remember the bedazzler? Well now the faceted 'studded' look is finally hitting the runway.

It's a rocker punk type style from the 80's reinterpreted for the 00's. I scoured to find some of the greatest hits online and am bringing them to you.

P.S. As an 80's baby, this is one of my faves.

Studded Pelmet mini-skirt from TopShop. Super sexy and very wearable. Now where did I put those skinny legs?

This delicious bag is from Marc Jacobs. Uber expensive por moi but there are tons of similar options in all price points. Wear it and get funny looks from your mother-in-law. Oh wait, that's just me.

Now you're talkin' affordable AND adorable. Available at Forever 21 in stores only. When you want to get in touch with your inner punk princess. Or you can make your own using the fabulous bedazzler mentioned above.

Yeah, these are mine. Don't say I told you so... but you can buy them here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm excited.

I realized today that I use way too many exclamation points when corresponding via e-mail with people. One of my lovely customers told me that I crack her up because I'm so energetic. I am? I'm pregnant (read: tired), entertain a 4-year-old all day long and work in between whenever I can. I'm exhausted. But I use a lot of exclamation points!! So it seems like I'm SO EXCITED!! ALL THE TIME!!! YEAH!!!

Right now I'm sitting, slumped, on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table (who really uses a coffee table for coffee anyway?) and the computer in my lap. I'm so excited I can barely keep my eyes open!!! Whoo Hoo!

Hee. hee. hee. That picture above is from 2 years ago and I was playing miniature golf. And I truly was excited.