Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is Jewelry Design

Jewelry design is a term most often used to describe a sketch someone has made, that they want turned into jewelry. Many crafters call themselves "jewelry designers" because as a broader term it encompasses all the techniques of jewelry making.  Beading, wire wrapping, hand fabricating, stone setting, model making, etc. So jewelry design can mean the sketch which is a jumping-off platform, or it can mean everything having to do with making jewelry. Confusing, right?

To me, creating handmade jewelry is so much more than a sketch or a craft. It's thoughts, experiences, colors, memories and emotions that are expressed in tiny sculptures for people to wear.  Jewelry is such a personal expression, for the people who wear it and for me as a jeweler and artist. Every piece of jewelry I make is like a small part of me going out into the world. I'm worried people won't like it, I'm afraid something will happen to hurt it and I secretly want loads of people to love it.  I want it to do good things in the world.

Over the next few months I'm going to take you on different trips with me, we need a vacation, right?  On our journey we'll take a look at what has inspired me in my jewelry designs and I hope you'll share what inspires you. We all are creative, we're all artists because we all have a unique perspective on what we see and how we process our experiences.  So I hope you'll join me and enjoy our little blog-cations over the next few months!

My Wish ring will start us off right. Ready? Let's go!