Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthstone necklaces and Mother's necklaces

In life there are so many reasons to celebrate, so many memories to hold onto. For me, jewelry has always been like a talisman and a way to mark these special times. When I was graduated pre-school I still remember the little costume jewelry pin my mom gave me. It was a non-working clock that had little crystals on it the color of my birthstone (pink alexandrites for June). And when I got engaged I have the beautiful vintage engagement ring my (now) husband and I picked out from an antique shop in San Francisco. For Mother's Day two years ago my boys bought me a cool cuff bracelet by Connie Verrusio that was made from a re-purposed brass ruler (yeah, we're nerds).

In my work, each piece I create has special meaning behind it. Some of the most powerful and meaningful work I like to create is birthstone jewelry.  Different colored gemstones correlate with each month, and the gemstones have widely varied properties for healing, faith, friendship and love. It's fulfilling for me to create such meaningful jewelry for women and make it fun and fashionable, too.

Last year I created my Crush collection using genuine gemstones in combinations that were so much fun, I felt like I was making jewelry out of candy. Yum!

Click on the picture to view these pendants in my shop:

When my customers started ordering them in combinations of birthstones for Mother's Day, Anniversaries and Weddings I realized how powerful these necklaces are.

Then I got requests for 3-stone necklaces. I started with my Wrought necklaces, big, juicy gemstones in luscious color combinations to represent birthstones. I started with two, which also represent his-and-hers for anniversaries. This one is citrine (Nov) and blue topaz (Dec):

Then a triple gemstone necklace was requested. This one has amethyst (Feb), blue topaz (Dec) and white topaz to represent a diamond (Apr):

And brand new for 2013 is my Crush trio necklace, featuring a larger center stone to represent Mom and two smaller stones to represent the kids. I made this one for my sister (center-peridot-Aug) and my nieces (citrine-Nov and pink tourmaline-Oct) for Mother's Day:

Coming soon... Crush birthstone rings in single, double and triple!

Thank you for your support of my work, tell me what jewelry is special to you and why. Inquiring minds want to know.