Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Things I Think About

1) Why do I love my children the most when they are sleeping or when I am on a date with my husband?

2) Doctors should not be attractive. It just makes things awkward.

3) Why is it that even if my husband takes out the garbage, recycling AND empties the dishwasher I will still get mad at him for not putting his socks in the laundry basket? But really, why MUST he leave them next to the bed?!

4) THINGS I WANT: another torch with a full range of torch tips, a smaller saw frame, a bigger saw frame, more needle files (specifically half-round cut 2 and 4), a soldering pan, spray-on flux, an entire set of hammering t-stakes, some delrin to make my own forming blocks, a jumpring maker, a smaller tap and die set, a dead blow hammer (not as dirty as it sounds), another foredom motor with a quick-change handpiece, a rubber mallet... on and on and on.... oh and if I could have an extra room added to my li'l apartamento that would be nice, too.

5) I wish I had blank business card-sized pieces of paper that I could write stuff on and give to people. So if a stranger is having a great hair day, or their zipper is down, or if the guy they are with is treating them horribly, or if they are crying, or anything really... I could write something nice on the card and give it to them. Then quickly leave the subway car because I don't want to get punched.

6) I am the reason they don't put wheels on adult sneakers.

7) Why do I STILL sweat and giggle when I'm nervous? I'm almost 40 for heaven's sake, yet I'm still a social idiot.

8) Holy shoot, I'm almost 40.

9) 40 is the new 30, right?!!

10) I also desperately want you to like me and will smile and be overly nice to you until you do.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beans and pillowbeans

Beans and pillowbeans
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This is what happens in my house at night.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The best cure for depression is jewelry

and chocolate. and this picture I found when I googled 'depression.'

That's right people, I'm depressed. Between post-partum, 2 hospital trips in one week and now I can't walk without a limp... it's been tough going. Imagine me limping along and pushing my 3-month-old in a stroller as we walk around the city. Where are we walking? To various spine doctors (not to be confused with spin doctors, although I'm sure they are related) where I put on yet another washed out hospital gown and I show them how I can't stand up on my tippy-toes because I CAN'T FEEL MY FOOT.

You know what I hate the most? Those gowns. The color isn't flattering on ANY complexion, not to mention the fit. And how is it that no matter how tightly I tie the top, it always slides open and falls down? And how on earth does that other tie-- the one on the side-- even work? I can never find the other part to tie it to so my XXXXXL robe that is already falling off my shoulders now also reveals my underpants.

Anyway, the best medicine for me has always been chocolate, I mean making jewelry. Okay, both. (I'm a Geminii for heaven's sake). So here's my latest, inspired by the person who is my shoulder to cry on, my best go-to babysitter, my cheerleader, my mom.

Here's to you, Mom!