Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's Mother's Day!  In honor of all the wonderful moms out there, I'm having a HUGE sale!!  Everything in my Etsy shop has been marked down 20%.

While supplies last, all items will be shipped with FREE gift packaging!  
Nothing is more perfect than giving Mom jewelry for Mother's Day.  Metalicious jewelry will make your Mom feel loved!

Get there quick, the sale ends May 11th!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

When I don't make jewelry

One of the people I most admire is Anne-Marie Faiola, the owner of Brambleberry, Otion and a self-proclaimed Soap Queen.  She has loads of ideas and energy which are infectious.  I got infected by a recent post on her blog about making whipped shea butter hand creme and it looked so yummy I wanted to make some immediately!!  So this post is inspired by Anne-Marie, who totally rocks!

It looked super easy so I invited my 6 yr old to help me out, it was lots of fun!  And it's cute to see him use it every night, too.

I ordered all the ingredients from Brambleberry:

14 oz Shea Butter
5 oz Coconut Oil (76 degree melt Coconut Oil)
6 ml your choice of fragrance oil
Electric Mixer
4 ounce jars

Asher and I picked out the 'buttercream and snickerdoodle,' 'jasmine' and 'sweet grass' fragrances and we made 2 batches mixing them in different ways.  We came up with the names 'Jazzy Coco' and 'Damp Grass.'  Makes me laugh!

So once I ordered, I couldn't wait to get it all!  I know, I have no patience.  Until finally I got the shipment...

and we quickly unpacked it....

In addition to Asher, he brought his friend Hima, the stuffed cat who wants to help.

And then we got started, basically you just mix everything together just like baking.  Easy!  The shea butter looked delicious.



and finally it's finished!

Wow!!  And the final product all ready to give as gifts.

Thanks Anne-Marie for such a great project to do together with my little guy!