Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Lovin'

So I've been spending my summer trying not to get tangled up in myself and my everyday, exhausting routine of being a mom.  My 'baby' is now 8 months old which means he's getting wise to what makes mommy tick.  What I'm saying is that HE HAS BECOME VERY GOOD AT MANIPULATING ME. 

Those eyes...

That smile...

The incredible squishiness...

But that's not the point.  My point is that he is keeping me up at night and distracted during the day.  So I haven't had much time to make THE JEWELRY.  And it haunts me.  THE JEWELRY haunts me the way a really good date haunts me.  I dream about it.  I replay all the good parts.  I come up with new things we could do together on our next date.  *sigh*

I have made a few new pieces the few times when THE JEWELRY and I went on a date.  Like this uber modern sterling silver and blue sapphire bypass ring.  Unique and perfect for your best friend with the September birthday.

and these knuckle rings.  Contemporary, urban, chic, sophisticated and really cool.  The best part is I have made them available in either sterling silver or golden brass:

But you've seen what THE JEWELRY is competing with.  And he's getting smarter every day.  I am in big trouble, aren't I?