Friday, March 9, 2012

Gemstones are like candy

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest jeweler in the world. My trip to Tucson, AZ was a blast! I went with 3 of my favorite women, also amazing jewelers, and we shopped for gems. every. single. day.

I came home with a Pirate's Booty bag of sparkly rainbows! Here are some of the gems I bought and how I made them into Metalicious jewelry!

First up are purple sapphires, I set one into a sweet Bling ring where I facet the metal around the stone for a unique, handmade modern ring:

How about this one-of-a-kind blue spinel necklace. The color goes from navy to cornflower blue, it's absolutely stunning. I kinda want to keep it for myself, but then I remember the booty and that someone needs to pay for it. Here's my Wrought necklace in navy blue spinel:

I also found super sparkly, bubblegum pink sapphires so I had to set them into my Tiny Sweeties:

When I found these London blue topaz squares, they reminded me of little pools and I had to have them. They are so beautiful that they don't need much else, so I carved a modern square slide necklace and cast it into recycled sterling silver.  Look at the color and clarity of the gemstone in this necklace!

There will be more to come, I also bought some one-of-a-kind kunzite cabochons, some light pink morganite cushions, golden citrines, teal turquoise slabs, opals, and tiny smiling sapphires!  Thanks so much for supporting my business and my Metalicious shop.  You totally rock!