Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Collaboration Nation

One of the things I like to do to give myself a jump-start in creativity is to work with another artist.  It can get kinda lonely all by myself in my studio doing the same thing over and over again.  So I look to my friends and other artists to get some artistic inspiration.

Last year I was very fortunate to meet an amazing, talented, smart, creative, successful and hilarious new friend:  Lorrie Veasey.  She's down-to-earth and so generous with both her time and her work, PLUS her gigantic studio is 2 blocks from my apartment/workshop.  And she has two adorable kids around the same age as my oldest so they get together and nerd-it-up big time.  Then we get to drink wine and laugh lots and lots.  She's a really goooood friend.  Anyway, she's a ceramicist by trade and a snarky commentator-on-life at heart.  And I'm so lucky to have met her.

Lorrie has been listening to me complain often about my photography.  And in her usual, uber-generous fashion, she offered for me to come by her studio and use her photo set-up.  Oh, and some of her work as props for my jewelry.  It was loads of fun, nice to be out of my own space and great to see her work up close and personal.

Here's a shot of my ring on one of her ring holders:

And here is her ring holder in it's entirety:
And it's already sold, but I know she'd make you another one if you asked her very nicely.

I love Lorrie and I love all of her work, it's really hard to pick a favorite.  Honestly, I don't have to because her pottery is so affordable!  And they make perfect gifts (as my friends and family already know).

I just gave this one to my husband for Valentine's Day:

And at one of the craft fairs she sells her work at, I bought this handmade collage:

This one made me get all choked up, because she made it for me.  *blush*  WHO DOES THAT?!

Lorrie does.  I'm so lucky that she picked me to be her friend.  Thanks for being my inspiration Lorrie!


Rebecca - Fuchsia Bloom Studio said...

This is a great article! Having artist friends is the best!

SendingLoveGallery said...

really enjoyed this post Steph, she sounds like a great friend, love her work too!

Erika Price said...

What a talented artist Lorrie is! Your work is stunning and the photos are superb, so I can't wait to see more of your collaborative efforts Steph!

Your Daily Jewels said...

Metal, that is the sweetest post ever! Girls are the best and it sounds like you two were meant to be friends. Does she have a website? She sounds like she should write a funny blog. Thanks for sharing:)

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Great post. It's so nice to have a great friend.

Michele said...

Great post, it's always nice to have friends like that, to help you.

Beadsme said...

It's always fun to meet fellow artists.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I would comment but I cannot see through my tears. Damn cold *sniff*

Lalalalalala LOVE YOU!

Loella Medina said...

omg you guys are too cute!

Rosirouge said...

What a nice post! Two very talented and beautiful ladies!

aubepine said...

Very cool!