Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well hello February

You've jumped up and bit me in the arse!  I just barely got through January and now it's FEBRUARY??  Where does the time go?   Between the snowtastrophes and my son having scarlet fever (I thought that went out with the 18th century, but NO it hasn't), I have been barely able to take a breath. 

So let's talk about what's been happening around here besides all this weather and illness... BORING.  I have exciting news to share!  My jewelry has been selling at Uncommon Goods!!  eep!  I am so excited that they actually said yes to selling my work... and ecstatic that my pieces are actually SELLING!  yahooo!  I was just featured in their Valentine's Day catalog (and a lot of whooping and hollering and jumping up and down happened here when they asked me), and their lovely buyer sent me this link to their latest newsletter, featuring moi:

Coolness!  And on another note, I have been making some new work just in time for Valentine's day.  I carved a teeny tiny version of my J'adore necklace.  I call it the mini wink heart, the texture winks at you like it's covered with diamonds!  So cutie pie and available in my Etsy shop.

I also made a sweet little star ring, to match my baby stella necklace.  *swoon*  I don't know about you, but hearts and stars bring me back to my teen years, all braces and freckles and z. cavariccis.  This is my sophisticated and elegant take on it in sterling silver... many, many years later.

I've also been a busy bee making a Metalicious jewelry collection for men.  That's right.  Men's jewelry.  Here's one of my favorites, it's kinda like a wide-coin-edge-cool-texture band ring that lots of guys have flipped for.  Rugged but cool.  Edgy meets urban.  Perfect, like your guy.  Okay, stop laughing.  Check it out here in my Metalicious shop on Etsy.

Well, hope to see you again.  Before March.  In the meantime, pop in to say hello on my Facebook page.  Or leave a comment here on my blog.  I don't bite.  Well, not without being provoked.

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