Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My workspace is a problem.

As all two of you know (hi Barbara, hi Lisa) my workbench is located in a corner of my bedroom.  Right next to it is a giant wooden wardrobe that is jam packed with my shipping, polishing, beading, etc supplies.  I live in an apartment with crazy high ceilings but only 1200 square feet to fit my 2 kids, 2 cats and sweet husband and all of our worldly belongings.  So you have to build up, not out in this space.  That's why in the other corner is a very tall, skinny shelf that has my packaging and craft fair materials on it.  It's VERY tall and VERY skinny but it does the trick nicely.  This is me standing in my Metalicious space.

Once you get past the fact that my hair is up-- again-- and I am not wearing any make-up-- again--- what you don't see is my bed.  Well you can kind of see it peeking up right in front of where I'm standing.  Because it's RIGHT THERE NEXT TO MY BENCH. 

I dream of having an office where I can have actual dedicated spaces for all the parts of my job that I NEVER HAVE TO PUT AWAY EVERY TIME I USE THEM.  But space in New York City though easy to come by... is very hard to afford.  Rent for a 475 sq ft dump is a mere $1750 A MONTH.  *faints*

So... I work out of my bedroom but it feels like I'm working in here most of the time.

Not to mention that working from home means I pass by the dishes in the sink and then put them into the dishwasher.  Then I notice a spill from breakfast on the table.  So I wipe it down.  As I'm doing that I see all the toys that the kids left in the living room so I put them away.  And THEN I feel like I can start working.  Until I see pajamas someone left on the floor so I fold them and put them back into his room.  And while I'm in there I see some toys that were left out...

You can see where this is going.  And this is my life. 

But I have dreams!


Bob J24-7 said...

Unfortunately, there's never enough room ... if you had more space you'd get more stuff to fill that space. Its like a law of physics or something like that ... We live in a big ol Colonial house in the Bronx ... and I work on a portable bench IN THE KITCHEN ... cause its convenient. Even though I have a BIG bench in my workshop up on the third floor ...!

Dawanna Young said...

Thanks for the peek into your day. My workspace is between my kitchen and dining room. :D
How awesome is it that we can work from home!?

SatinDollCo said...

I know exactly how you feel. I would love a nice work space somewhere in Brooklyn. My current workspace is a cute white desk located in my bedroom near the door.But I do love the fact that I work from home and answer to no one.

capitalcitycrafts said...

Ditto what Bob said- the more room you have, the more ways you find to fill it up! You do fabulous things in your tiny little space!

Made By Tammy said...

I agree with Bob too - you can never have enough room! Over the last month or so, I have taken the time to make my laundry room smaller to increase my workspace. Thanks for sharing!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Hmmmm I see what you're saying: tough choice: have the husband sleep in the living room and get a bigger work space, or not.

I think couches are better for your back.

Another plus: in about 10 years the children can be sent away to camp.


Nemesis Jewelry said...

Hey Stephanie-it's Ruby from the newnew. I would never get anything done when I worked at home. Plus the mess I would make. I'm lucky to have a studio now. Yes it's a shared space but I like that and my corner isn't too pricey. There are always spaces opening up. If you are interested or ever want to stop by and check it out let me know.