Sunday, December 6, 2009

Asher has some questions...

We put up the nativity set today. Asher had some questions:

"How did the holy spirit get Mary pregnant?"

"Why did God have a baby Jesus?"

Looking at the decorative moss all over the manger, "Wow, that's dirty."

"We need more hay."

"Where are the horses?"

"What's myrrh?"

"Where's the gold?"

"Does Frankincense smell bad?"

Looking at one of the 3 kings, "Is his beard trimmed?"

"Where is the holy spirit?"

It's going to be an interesting Christmas.


trentongal said...

cute, he certainly keeps you thinking!

Erika Price said...

Oh Boy, that's some live wire you have there! The "Metal" household is sure going to have a fun Christmas!

Michele said...

Very cute, would like to know your answers :)!!

Silver Canyons said...

these moments are priceless Steph! Just adorable!!!!

Beadsme said...

Hehehehe cute! Now let us know your answers.

Made By Tammy said...

Glad to see - my house isn't the one with a million and one questions. :)