Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've always loved rivets. And lots of texture. Years ago I made a set of wedding bands where I riveted 2 bands together with 6 tube rivets evenly spaced all the way around. The inner band was silver and the outer was brass. I used silver tubing as the rivet to contrast against the brass. They turned out really cool but I learned that you have to shape the metal into a round ring first, then rivet through the bands.

So here's another take on the tube rivet using brass tubing on sterling silver sheet that I carefully pounded using two different striking heads.

Available here: at my etsy store.


nina kuriloff said...

I like your necklace.

Fireluster Pottery: said...

You have a wonderful design style. I really like the way you used the rivet.

La Alicia said...

love the sense of texture this piece has!